I'm Zsolt Ero, a full-stack developer interested in augmented reality and maps.

These days I like using JavaScript, Python, Swift and Docker.

I'm currently available for freelance work.



MapHub is my most complex full-stack project so far, a web application which allows people to create and share interactive maps based on OpenStreetMap.



I've been organizing weekly programming classes and I'm a regular coach and meta coach at Django Girls events.


Open Source

I'm maintaining baseimage-docker , the nr. 1 non-official Docker image, and I'm a contributor to 馃崈Leaflet .


Using projections to simulate a hologram-like experience on ordinary screens. Sologram was my final year project at the University of Edinburgh. // 2013


Synesthesia is an augmented reality game, controlled via a 3D sensor based Intel RealSense camera. // 2015

Kano OS

I worked for Kano Computing in London, developing a custom Linux OS for the Raspberry Pi. // 2014

Kano computer kit

Healthy or Not?

An experimental computer game prototype for touch-less user interactions, using 3D sensors. // 2013

Flying Fruits

The first short movie entirely based on objects scanned in a medial CT scanner. Collaboration with Peter Coffin Studio, New York. // 2012

3D teenage years

During teenage years I was addicted to volumetric rendering, reconstructing 3D scans from medical devices, 3D printing prostheses and making my own 3D headset from cardboard.

Volume rendering Medical prosthesis Cardboard VR kit