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I'm Zsolt Ero, a creative full-stack developer who loves building.

I studied AI and Computer Science in Edinburgh, and Mathematics in Budapest.

As a teenager, I made VR glasses, these days I like playing with AI.


I'm the founder of MapHub, a web app that allows anyone to create interactive maps based on OpenStreetMap data. It supports real-time collaboration and has more than 200,000 registered users.


GIGAmacro viewer

I developed GIGAmacro viewer, a web platform for collaborating on gigapixel images. It uses OpenLayers and is capable of smoothly displaying 100 GBs of image data.



Using projections to simulate a hologram-like experience on ordinary screens, Sologram was my final-year project at the University of Edinburgh (2013).

Kano OS

I worked for Kano Computing in London, developing a custom Linux OS for the Raspberry Pi (2014).

Kano computer kit


I've been organizing programming classes locally and I was a regular coach at Django Girls events.


Open Source

During COVID, I built Country Levels, which connects Wikipedia <> Wikidata <> OpenStreetMap and creates up-to-date GeoJSON polygons.

I was a core contributor to 🍃Leaflet (we shipped Leaflet 1.0!), and baseimage-docker